"Don't Fade Away" Out Now Everywhere!

Zack Krall's most recent single, "Don't Fade Away," is out now everywhere. It is the final single off of his upcoming album, Heart / Body / Mind, which will be released on October 25, 2019. While most of the songs on this album were written in 2018, this song was originally written over four years ago but has been on the back burner ever since. The song came back to light while Zack and drummer Chris Cerbone were demoing songs for Heart / Body / Mind. In the process, they came across old recordings of both "Don't Fade Away" and "This Kind of Love" – the latter of which was rerecorded and released as a non-album single in the summer of 2018. The duo tracked drums and bass for the songs together before Zack filled in the rest of the arrangement. This recording also features New York based rapper Franik on vocals for the song's outro. "Don't Fade Away" captures the feeling of looking back on what could have been in a somber and pensive manner while also providing a catchy hook and another Zack Krall guitar solo. The song is available on all streaming platforms and online music stores right now!

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