Heart / Body / Mind

Notable Tracks

"Descartes" - The album's lead single and a fan favorite for live performances.

"Descartes II" - A hip-hop tinged B-side to the "Descartes" single release offering a new, different side to Zack Krall.

"What About the Night?" - The second single off of the record.

"Don't Fade Away" - The final single released for this album showing the band's softer side.

"I Think My Baby's Gone" - A favorite of the band and frequent live set-closer, showing off Krall's guitar chops 

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About the Album

Heart / Body / Mind is Zack Krall's sophomore album, following up on his 2018 debut LP, Breathe. The album was recorded in the latter half of 2018 into early 2019 and its lead single "Descartes"  was released on May 24, 2019. The album revolves around themes of heartbreak, frustration, and confusion observed through the more psychological yet imaginative lense of one's mind and body becoming separated. The record features heavy collaborative with bassist Maggie Barnett and drummer Chris Cerbone –both of whom play in Zack Krall's live band – as well as performances by several other musicians.

About the Band

Zack Krall is a blues-rock musician based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Though he plays many roles in his music's creation, he is a guitarist first and foremost. It was an obsession with the guitar that made a young Zack pick up his father's beat-up classical guitar in his Tarrytown, New York childhood home. And he's hardly stopped playing since. Zack's biggest influences early on were The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. He has since drawn inspiration from other classic artists such as Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, and Led Zeppelin as well as more contemporary artists including Gary Clark Jr., Jack White, Cage the Elephant, The National, and of course many more. To read Zack's full bio, click here

This album would not have been possible without bassist Maggie Barnett and drummer Chris Cerbone. These two are the core of The Zack Krall Band and performed on much of Heart / Body / Mind. Chris and Zack have known each other since they were both in the seventh grade in 2010. They formed their first band in late 2012 and have been playing together in a number of bands since. Maggie came into the picture in early 2018 while she and Zack were studying music production at Drexel University. She and Zack were introduced by a mutual friend and immediately bonded over their shared interests in music. The two played their first show as The Zack Krall Band in February 2018 and brought Chris in as the drummer later that year. Though The Zack Krall Band features other musicians from time to time Maggie, Chris, and Zack are the core trio at the heart of the band.

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