New Single "Descartes" Out Now!

Zack Krall's fiery new single "Descartes" was released on Friday, May 24, 2019 with "Descartes II" as its B-side. That night, he and The Zack Krall Band (Maggie Barnett on bass guitar and vocals, Chris Cerbone on drums, and Covey Carpenter on guitar) played PhilaMOCA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The set included both "Descartes" and "Descartes II" as well as a mix of fan favorites and currently unreleased material from the upcoming LP. Also on the bill were Mazie, Strange Weekend, Cold Soul, and j solomon.

"Descartes" is a hard-hitting blues-rock number about waking up with your mind and body separated. Inspired in part by French philosopher René Descartes, the song features driving drums, gritty guitars, and powerful vocals. B-side, "Descartes II" is a response to "Descartes" and involves frustration and inner thoughts. Frustration over self-doubt, relationships, politics, and feeling exposed by the music that Zack chooses to share – "I write down things I don't want you to hear and preach to anyone willing to listen." The upcoming album as a whole involves a theme of heart vs body vs mind and these singles bring that together through the lens of feeling like you just might be crazy.


The single is available everywhere now!

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